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SMS Marketing Platform

Send campaigns, automate sales funnels, and build better relationships with customers even before they buy.
SMS Marketing Platform

With an average open rate of 98% from highly engaged users,
SMS has the power to transform your business.

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Create Campaigns
Send outbound marketing SMS to your opted in customers, or use inbound keyword campaigns to engage customers.
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Automate Customer Journeys
From initial discovery to brand advocate, use automation to save time, freeing up your sales team for higher value conversations.
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Collect Feedback
No matter what industry you’re in, customer feedback is key when improving your product or service. SMS makes getting customer feedback easier than ever.
Market to anyone in NZ directly on their phone with our SMS marketing software image
Market to anyone in NZ directly on their phone with our SMS marketing software

In 2021, there were more mobile subscriptions than people in New Zealand. With our SMS marketing software you can reach your customers on a medium they use often and already trust. SMS also allows for two-way communication, so create better conversations with customers and watch your business grow.

How much are you spending on your marketing? image
How much are you spending on your marketing?

Sending text message marketing for email business comes at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional media and even digital media like social and banner adverts. But where the real value comes is in the 98% average open rates that SMS receives. On top of that high open rate, 90% of messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt, giving you the unique ability to send very timely campaigns.

SMS marketing frees up time and streamlines your sales and customer service image
SMS marketing frees up time and streamlines your sales and customer service

Whether you’re automating your lead qualification process or just sending quick text messages to check in on a customer that’s on the fence, SMS can save your sales team hours of time. Time that is better spent having meaningful conversations with customers when it matters most during your sales cycle.

Why Burst SMS for
SMS Marketing in NZ

100% SMS Delivery to Carrier Guarantee icon
100% SMS Delivery to Carrier Guarantee

All messages are sent through ON-NET connections to local carriers. No grey routing.

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Virtual Mobile Numbers
Get access to high-quality bulk SMS numbers to maintain brand consistency and recognition.
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24/7 x 365 Support
Get world-class support around the clock. Our team of messaging experts are here to help.
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From our flexible SMS API and integrations to email to SMS and quick SMS, see why 35,000+ businesses choose burst for SMS advertising.
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No Contracts
Our bulk SMS service is prepaid. No need to worry about monthly contracts or commitments.
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Ease of Use

All our SMS solutions are designed to be easy to use. Choose from an intuitive web interface, REST SMS API, or an extensive selection of integrations to connect with your pre-existing tech stack.

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