Short Codes

A number that people will remember with ease

<p>Short Codes</p>

Short codes are easy to remember 3-4 digit virtual numbers that allow you to send at the highest messaging volume and throughput.

A short code is a number which allows you to send and receive text messages from your Burst SMS account. Short codes are compulsory for sending high-throughput campaigns in New Zealand. You can choose between two types of short codes to lease month-to-month: Standard Dedicated and Dedicated Free to End User (FTEU).
SMS Keywords act as a prompt for replies, which drives engagement. image

What are keywords?

SMS Keywords act as a prompt for replies, which drives engagement.

Once a reply is made to your virtual number, the keyword acts as a trigger which can activate a variety of functions.

Popular triggers include confirming an appointment, entering a competition, forwarding to an email, group chat, and setting an auto response.

Short Code Options for NZ
Weigh the pros and cons of each option before leasing
Standard Dedicated Short CodeDedicated Free to End User
Digits 3 to 4 numerical digits3 to 4 numerical digits
Purpose Low engagement campaignsHigh engagement campaigns
Keywords Unlimited keywordsUnlimited keywords
Cost for recipients Additional charge for recipientsFree to end user
Monthly Lease Contact UsContact Us
Set-up Fee Contact UsContact Us
Set-up Time 1-4 weeks14 Days

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